The Lost Goddess Pyramid


People people people hiding in metal cacoons

rolling rolling rolling all around most afternoons

& they’re lying down inside refrigerated tombs

dozing infront of TVs that turn them into goons.


I met an Egyptian goddess in the tumbleweeds

she pushed me down, made me her wanton slave

the pretty ancient disappeared in a puff of dust

I sit in front of a pyramid now a wanting to misbehave.


All the people sneek around behind tinted windows

I stick a thumb out, they lock their flying-by doors

I walk ’til I’m dead as they pay oodles for a private ride

as they build acres of parking lot & bigger dumber stores.


So now I sit in the sand infront of The Lost Goddess Pyramid

awaiting a swirl of dust to do what the last one did

numerous trains roll by, a chunk of stone falls off my nose

buried beneath a footprint & a trumbone blows…


(Copyright Clyde Collins 2011)




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