Remorseless, I arrived

too disheveled to kneel and pray

but on time for the celebration

of hallelujah…


An outcast desperado without a penny

I stood amongst those who had many

blessings children jobs and a handful

of hallelujah…


I found myself corralled also by pretty

females, young & not, who reached forth to

shake my hand & the jitters disolved in a hail

of hallelujah…


Courage deployed ~ deployed its soldiers

throughout the fort of my dismay

so I leaped for the chalice, the body, the blood

of hallelujah…


How does this all add up in this

this church in which I finally prayed

this ghost town through which I’ve been wandering

ahhhhhhh this ghost town called Love



(Copyright Clyde Collins 2011)




4 thoughts on “Hallelujah

  1. Hi, this is Joey. May I have a permission to use this pic for wattpad? I will not use it for other stuff than wattpad. Once I have finish using it, I will delete it immediately

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