Another High Noon (#2)



I couldn’t tell, I wasn’t sure, my aura was foggy

despite two shots of grace I still felt groggy

this broken-down saloon must be infested with ghosts

each group talked past the other as if the other could not be seen…


The Tea Party folks, most old & fat, loaded & cocked their guns

the Wall Street Occupiers pitched their tents & had no funds

“oh Mary, oh Mary,” I cried, “can’t you do something here?”

the barmaid folded her hands, prayed for a more harmonic scene…


There is bad ground & good ground

in this American ghost town

in which the haunted saloon moans its sad tune

which echoes & re-echoes around every broken-down thing…


(Copyright Clyde Collins 2011)




One thought on “Another High Noon (#2)

  1. Millie Ho, Mr. Alagan, Tal, m&$+%=@ray, and the always wry Dieselpokers, oh yes and Naja ~ thank you for the “like”s. This is the first time I ever got 5 (!) over-night. What happened? Somebody put it on Facebook or something?

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