Pulaski & The Bear



Pulaski pitched his tent in a juniper grove

a bear crackfully approached looking for berries

the bear’s head was all nose & he was a big one

   “go away, bear, go away!” hollered Pulaski…


The bear stood up ~ taller than the woodsman

who stepped back & hollered again, “go away, bear, go away!”

Pulaski backed behind the tent & backed into the bushes

where he turned around & ran 20,000 leagues in 40 seconds…


He returned the next day with

a gallon can of red pepper that he threw

all over the ground &

   never saw his fuzzy-eared friend again…


It was about this time that I met Pulaski

he was taller than most fellers & his strides were long

his hair was tied behind his head

   he waved hello reluctantly as he strode up the highway…


(Copyright Clyde Collins 2011)



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