Another High Noon (#3)


As I recall it wasn’t the mall

t’was a ghost town half fallen down

Tea Partiers’ guns burnished, unholstered

   Occupiers in panic tore into the floor, dug into the ground…



And then I saw ~ I swear its true

a chariot flew by, stormy sky flip-flopped blue

A Tea Party bro aimed & shot

but flower petals was all the cah-boom brought

and the gun in his hand

tooled in Woody Guthrie land

turned kind of gooey like snot

from gun metal gray to a kind of yellow

& the Tea Party fellow turned kinda mellow

‘cuz all that was left in his hand

yes, this is your land

was a gun splattered like egg yoke

around a joint lit-up & ready to toke

t’was drama by God glorious & grand!



In the haunted saloon with half a roof

a miracle had occurred ’bout 90 proof

something like this, they explain, cannot happen

except in a ghost town called Love…


(Copyright Clyde Collins 2012)



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