A Nice Social-Security Landing

The American taxpayer has bailed-out Wall Street & big banks ~ and now is the time for Wall Street & big banks to bail-out our government ~ because the filthy rich, addicted to wealth worse than the worse doper lying on his face in the gutter is addicted to heroin ~ have all the money.  And we bail-out our government by raising the taxes of the filthy and only the filthy rich.  And we do this by keeping the Obamasiah in the White House.

As the argument advances, we find ourselves obstructed by obstructionists who claim that, yes, but, but the extremely wealthy make your jobs.  But these elitist culprits have not been doing that at all.  They’ve been sending jobs overseas where the pay is bottom-of-the-abyss low.  They’ve been hoarding profits.  And they’ve been getting filthier, immorally, fat-cat rolling around in its own shit rich.  These people are disgusting.

I want a government for the people.  We can have a government for the people.  We don’t want a government owned by the rich.  We want a government that taxes the rich & that is for the people ~ so that we can, for example, make our own jobs & live with a reasonable degree of dignity.  Also, who wants to be constantly enslaved for pennies to a fat-cat just to make him fatter?  There’s no logic, no satisfaction, no morality in a blind work ethic such as that.  Our freedom demands that we, the people, own the government ~ and we do this by voting, maintaining vigilance, voting again ~ and keeping our beloved Obamasiah in the White House to check & balance the rich man’s folly ~ which is the Republican Obstructionist Party.  We have to teach them common sense or get them out of the House of Representatives ~ where this gang of obstructionists have been blocking job bills for middle and working class Americans & not allowing the filthiest of the polluted rich to be taxed like they so richly deserve to be taxed ~ so that we can have in our old age:

Social Security.

Ah yes, all’s well that ends well ~ with social security ~ a few pennies more with which to lower ourselves into the grave gently.  May the few years that remain for American old folks belong to them via social security ~ so that they don’t have to work ’til they die as perpetual slaves to the immorally wealthy.

Yours truly

Elfego Baca Reincarnated

Vote 2012


Go ahead, take a look at Senor Baca’s earlier political commentary:




2 thoughts on “A Nice Social-Security Landing

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