Kicked Out



My compadres lead me

out of the mission

barely can I move

tightly wrapped-up in my bed sheets


Outside the front door

they let go of me

I stumble

step forward into a new day


One of them laughs

& says

“good luck

   old mummy!”



I bumble onward

hardly able to breathe

I gasp


For my head too

is wrapped up


but without complaint


Thru the desert town

of Yuma, Arizona


I wander wander


People look at me


Cars slow down, stop

they let me pass


And I

in a muffled voice


to all


“No problem!  I shall

mellow-inate & glow-ify

all these creatures of darkness

by the astral brightness of my starry nature!”


(Copyright Clyde Collins 2012)



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