Table Talk



Her foot eventually signals its presence on

the edge of my chair

by means of one whispering tap upon

my ghostly rubies.


“I still believe in transient relationships,”

says the newly-arrived shade

of Diana.

“In fact, before he hung me by the neck

until dead from that wearisome tree, the

sheriff & I…”


Diana stops talking with

her mouth.

She now talks with

her foot.  Her toes, especially the big one, tell

the torrid tale.

Her heel grinds home the punch line.


“The sheriff & you ~ what?”


Now her eyes quietly repeat

the confession of lewd debauchery

page after page after page

in about 7 zooming seconds.


She smiles.


Horrified I howl,

“No, not the sheriff!”

My fist slams down on the table, which

disintegrates into a pile of dust, there in

the broken-down hotel cafe.


Diana is standing now, chair discarded.

She steps forward.

Little puffs of dust arise.

“Poor boy.  You’re upset over nothing.”


She’s still smiling.  She can’t help it.


“Nothing?” I howl ~ still sitting.


“Nothing,” she sighs.

She steps closer closer ~ looms

over me like

The Statue of Liberty

come alive & opening her court-room robe.


My eyes go cross-eye-ed

and my soul becomes unglued

by the close proximity of the

living tabernacle of the sacred light!


(Copyright Clyde Collins 2012)



5 thoughts on “Table Talk

    • There seems to be a black little newcomer with big ears & a tail on every post suddenly. I must be Mr. Lucky!

      Naja, you’re always welcome to drop by & stay awhile. And, of course, remember, freedom of speech is a wonderful thing ~ so if you want to make a comment anywhere ~ please do!

      It’s very encouraging, somebody enjoying the whole dang thing…

      Howdy doo!

  1. Great contrast of two opposites, the dead and the living, the calm cool collected girl ghost and the distraught angry fellow

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