I awake!



In the old hotel

Diana & I retire to

a busted-up suite upstairs

& haunt it


While we levitate in the

center of the dusty time-deranged room

indulgently locked in our favorite position & getting along

I fall into a deep deep sleep


When I awake I discover

myself prone on the cracked tiles of

the ancient Egyptian temple that’s half buried

in the sand dunes west of Yuma


Ishtar, the lost Assyrian goddess of love & war

sits up, peers down

at me between her miraculous legs &



“It’s time for you to return to

the Christian mission, Rawclyde

Your 10 days sleeping outside

are over”


She then taps

the back of my head with

her bare heel

which knocks me out


I awake again

having dreamed a dream

that was embraced

in a dream


Now I discover myself alone

in a sleeping bag

on a big pile of dirt & chunks of concrete

in the gravel pit next door to Crossroads Mission


Partnering with nothing


or less

than reality


The sun is about to rise

under a pink bed-spread

stretched across the jagged little mountain range

out yonder


A very long train

thump-thumps by &

somebody fires-up a tractor in

the gravel pit


I, camouflaged

in the early morning shadows on

my cold rocky knoll, instantly

roll-up my bedroll


As I trudge away from the peak

of my dreams

I realize that the invisible cosmic forces of the universe

are all around & inside of me


And that they can be evoked

for the common good

or remain hidden forever in a ghost town

   a ghost town called Love…


(Copyright Clyde Collins 2012)





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