Isom’s Luck



I don’t know how it came to be

the koo koo bird & the bumble bee

Isom Dart & Diana Longtree

my eternal slavery


I don’t know why it is so

cold in the desert & hot in the snow

they get it on

I’m so slow



the brick in my chest

in my belly

comes to rest


A soft & gooey lump of clay

wiseless prideless love

an eager pollywog today

tomorrow a timid dove 


Sheriff Dart got the drop on her

pulled her in, locked her up

made a pot of coffee

& poured her a cup


He got a “thank you” that

I will never understand

he is one hell of a guy

& I am just a man


A dead man

that’s it

when you’re dead you’re just a ghost

   & Sheriff Isom Dart was a gracious host …


(Copyright Clyde Collins 2012)



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