Are You Ready To Ride With Obama?


by Davy Crockett Reincarnated

Yuma Arizona


The American people are a hard-working bunch.  A lot of them don’t have or won’t take the time to follow politics too closely.  But they know what they want.  And what might that be?  It might very well be President Barack Obama for four more years.

Let’s whittle on the high-born rich and the economy ’til all we got is a broken-blade pocket knife with which to chip away.  Let’s keep the government strong & by & for the people ~ with our rights fought for & intack.  Don’t let the Super PAC goons with their top-dollar commercials fool you into working for two-cents a day, no social safety net, & fat profits in their pockets & their pockets only.

It is your right & privilege to vote for the better possibility of a little more tax for the ultra-rich to keep the government safety-nets strong for the poorer citizens who can then back with their hearts, minds & jobs ~ a strong middle-class work force.  So let’s keep Obama in the White House ~ he’s on our side.

Granted, the Republicans in the House of Representatives, which the American people voted into a majority 2 years ago to stop the spiraling debt, have been slow about working with our illustrious president.  But sooner or later they’ll come around & realize they cannot coddle the ultra-billionaires forever ~ especially when so many folks don’t have jobs, homes, or money.  They’ll have to give in sooner or later & stop trying to bully us poor folks too ~ you know, by threatening our social security, our teachers unions, and our beautiful gay friends who want to marry each other & raise plastic dildoes instead of over-populating our cities with illigetimate children like too many of us heterosexuals tend to do.

I’m gonna pull-in my reins about now & bring my galloping carriage to a trot here ~ and stable this mule with my favorite pet project.  What’s the most intelligent transportation available on the planet?  Was it the space shuttle?  No.  It’s my mule!

That’s right.  Put your phone away in the cupboard!  Push your out-of-gas car over the cliff!  We need to re-examine the profit potential of breeding mules ~ and developing donkey trails along the side of every freeway in these United States.  Small produce acreage should be the upcoming popular thing.  Let’s get our humanity back.  Let’s be Obamasonians…


Davy Cockett Reincarnated is the editor of the Old Timer Chronicle in Yuma AZ



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