Diana Returns



I blink once twice

she is home

standing beside me

gazing down at me

straight out of Isom Dart’s raunchy dreams


A miracle leg sleigh ride disappears up a

short Mexican serape &

above that, two church windows lit-up with tumbled emotions

peer out from a cast-down neighborhood

of swirling spilit-end avenues


The barely draped miracle grotto

of ludricous desire is too close

for my mouth to ignore & my tongue

dutifully stiffins in anticipation of the job

that looms so poignantly ahead


A colossus brick of jealousy

clogs my chest & I cannot breathe

until with a desperado mind

I conscientously lug this brick down down

into my belly & melt jealousy into a soft gooey lump of


Slobbering slavery

to the coy whims

of the delicious dianthus of Diana

& the steamy desert rain of

my one & only really enthusiastic love


She bumps me once twice three times

her hand seriously touches down on my head

I open up to her silent decree, her rule over

my thirsty lips, my shattered heart, my

mind’s lowdown dirt-floor cellar


A slip of cloth slips out of the way

I kiss the wet hole of the black buck’s drain

gently, too gently, my tongue reaches forth

tastes the pissy cum in Diana’s wide-open slum

a bullied lamb, I delicately suck-up what’s there


The branding-iron hot hand on the back of my neck

with its serious steering of the ocean-liner

hypnotizes me into surrender & devotion

to her immediate & most powerful pleasure

& I succinctly suck-up what’s there


One thousand & one demonettes of Diana crowd at the gate

bump squirm scream into my mouth, turn into

a cascading waterfall of little-girl dolls down my gulping throat

& I nearly drown in what’s there

eternal slavery to Diana Longtree!


(Copyright Clyde Collins 2012)




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