A devotional for Diana…



My lassie come home lately

long legged whimsical lady

instrumentalist of up river loins

warehouse momma of golden coins


You lay your hand on my head

pull lightly on my ear

nimbly guide me along

now I trombone your song


You’re my budding rhyme lady

I’m your happy slave baby

it’s my doomed man destiny

to gulp down your jungle she intensity


Aye, my devoted eunuch fate

is to open your slippery temple gate

swallow your rolling wave chores

& keep your marathon scores


I defend your freedom fearlessly

love you more than oh so dearly

hand you in a tin cup my weary soul

the gleam in your eye, my one prize, my one goal


Your legs tie the knot securely

around my head blind & curly

our kiss thus forever reigns

   and, oh oh, Ishtar locks the chains…


(Copyright Clyde Collins 2012)


Goddess Ishtar’s Pillar of Salt


Soundtrack to A Ghost Town Called Love:


Oops!  Where’d the ghost town go???



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