Colors moving grand & free…


Meanwhile the desert like a mother soothes me from afar

plays me shy gentle tunes like Maria but on a thorny guitar

songs of the wind that rhymes with the blood that flows thru my brain

I can hear the wind & the blood in her sweet sweet soothing refrain


Ravens who squawk hello & buzzards who don’t

jack rabbits who flee & a thousand creatures who won’t

show themselves at all as they watch my every move

I can feel their eyes on me in this tune upon which now I groove


And there’s distance, just air, thru which for miles I can see

distant craggy hills painted with colors moving grand & free

beneath a relentlessly roving sun that gives no damn about me

yet that bright orb grows my food & cranks out light by which I can see


Come on, Americans, cut out your hell-bent misery, your greed, your sin

unite your brains with nature & God so that I can love you again

abandon those square houses in which you godlessly live

as for television, shit, a campfire has much truer miracles to give…


from an out-of-print book

A Love Song To The American Lizard

by Rawclyde!

(Copyright Clyde Collins 1999)


Baja & Alto Blog for Arizona



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