Spirit Wind


I am your guide, gateway to the dimensions.

I will remain in the shadows,

as you move through the liquid waters

of your essence.

The light is where I am.

There is no time where I wait,

so waiting is nothing.



The whispers you hear in the silence are mine.

I’ve been trying to catch your attention,

direct your energy back to the original focus,

the light that is free of pain and hurt.



Why do you not listen?

You can find freedom here.

You can reclaim your soul,

know that it is limitless.

Sometimes I feel your yearning to return

and sometimes you can almost reach me.



I wonder why you take so long

to see your true nature.

Listen for my echoes in the wind.

I will help direct your sail.




Vengeance Of She (1968)

starring Olinka Bérová

She (1965)

starring Ursula Andress


poem by

Robin Stiles

from her book

Skipping Stones Through The Cosmos







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