Blue Smoke



Blue smoke, blue smoke, take a toke, trail on by

the boom-o-rang made a U-turn, hit me in the eye

people spend a lot o’ coin on thee olde blue smoke high

no more wood in thee olde black stove n’ they wonder why


The lamp is hot and the moths are tumblin’

the cockpit is ready and the engine is rumblin’

the moon, jets, and everything else is floatin’ by

in the morning I’ll wonder ~ why didn’t I?


The blue smoke trail disappears into ‘de mirror on the wall

help me stand straight, help me stand tall

each atom in the world spins with a grin on its face

blue smoke deals me a big-toothed joker and an old faded ace…


poem from an out-of-print book

A Love Song To The American Lizard

by Rawclyde!

(Copyright Clyde Collins 1999)




Another High Noon (#4)



I could not fathom, I did not understand

how a gun turned into a joint in the old fat man’s hand

his cowboy hat was crooked, his leg was lame

   his “I hate Obama” sign was a dirty rotten shame…


His partners also aimed & fired at The Occupiers

who rejoiced with rhapsody to see

in each Tea Party man’s hand a lit doobie ready to toke

   & a bunch of pistolas that were now a splatter like egg yoke…


I could not fathom, I did not see

how any of this could be

then I spun around & gawked at Mary

she was laughing somewhat heartily!


And the barmaid explained:


“Poor Rawclyde

you’re such a perplexed ghost

I prayed for harmony

  & my famous Son answered me!”


(Copyright Clyde Collins 2012)


Differences & similarities ‘tween the Tea Party and the Occupiers of Wall Street:


Another High Noon (#3)


As I recall it wasn’t the mall

t’was a ghost town half fallen down

Tea Partiers’ guns burnished, unholstered

   Occupiers in panic tore into the floor, dug into the ground…



And then I saw ~ I swear its true

a chariot flew by, stormy sky flip-flopped blue

A Tea Party bro aimed & shot

but flower petals was all the cah-boom brought

and the gun in his hand

tooled in Woody Guthrie land

turned kind of gooey like snot

from gun metal gray to a kind of yellow

& the Tea Party fellow turned kinda mellow

‘cuz all that was left in his hand

yes, this is your land

was a gun splattered like egg yoke

around a joint lit-up & ready to toke

t’was drama by God glorious & grand!



In the haunted saloon with half a roof

a miracle had occurred ’bout 90 proof

something like this, they explain, cannot happen

except in a ghost town called Love…


(Copyright Clyde Collins 2012)


Pulaski & The Great Switcherroo



Pulaski was hitch-hiking but mostly hiking

walking & walking some more, stalking the end

of another endless highway

in the parched desert of his particular dreams ~


He found someone doing the same damn thing

more or less but in the opposite direction

they met for some damn reason on the island

between lanes & the other feller fired one up ~


Oh brother oh brother let me tell you

another tall one not too accurately true

it’s fine & dandy finding ye in the middle of no-where

wind blasting, sun growing long our kinky knotty hair ~


Two lonesome wanderers of the wasteland

they departed each others company

high & happy, each heading back the way he came

their goals receding behind them in the great switcherroo…


(Copyright Clyde Collins 2011)