Blue Smoke



Blue smoke, blue smoke, take a toke, trail on by

the boom-o-rang made a U-turn, hit me in the eye

people spend a lot o’ coin on thee olde blue smoke high

no more wood in thee olde black stove n’ they wonder why


The lamp is hot and the moths are tumblin’

the cockpit is ready and the engine is rumblin’

the moon, jets, and everything else is floatin’ by

in the morning I’ll wonder ~ why didn’t I?


The blue smoke trail disappears into ‘de mirror on the wall

help me stand straight, help me stand tall

each atom in the world spins with a grin on its face

blue smoke deals me a big-toothed joker and an old faded ace…


poem from an out-of-print book

A Love Song To The American Lizard

by Rawclyde!

(Copyright Clyde Collins 1999)




Door to Door Campaigner 19


Bumble Bee Arizona

I’m a Martian

door-to-door volunteer

for Obama

Are you registered to vote?


Randi Rhodes Radio Show:






The sheriff was sitting in the locked jail cell

with the key in his pocket

chewing on cactus &

gulping down hot coffee


Some one knocked on the door of

the Sheriff’s Office

“Come in!” chortled Sheriff Isom Dart

from the safety of the cell


Another Martian.

Before the creature said anything

Dart erupted, “I’m already

registered to vote!”


The creature from Mars peered at Dart

quizically with its third eye

& beeped, “But are you going to

vote for Obama?”


“Of course I’m voting for

Obama!” cried forth the

harried lawman.  “You critters

are driving me crazy!”


The green man wrapped a tentacle around

a jail-cell bar &

peered into the gloom

at the Earthman


The Martian said, “It’s best for the galaxy, the solar system,

my planet, your planet & your nation that

President Obama

serves 4 more years in the White House”


Sheriff Dart almost said

something but didn’t

the Martian turned around

   dissolved right thru the wall…


(Copyright Clyde Collins 2012)


Door To Door Campaigner #8


Knock knock


I am Sola of Mars.

I’m getting out the vote

for President Obama

in the

smaller communities

of Arizona

because there’s so few


in this strange state of

beautiful rocks & trees.

Are you

registered to vote?



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Randi Rhodes instead of, ugh, Rush Limbaugh: