That’s My Desire



Diana the ghost

with the horizonless brains

she’s got the most

railroad track & smoothest trains


Diana Longtree

a floating miracle

so bumpity bump free

she’s downright biblical


She hoovers

near the ceiling

of the jail cell in which Sheriff Isom Dart

has locked himself for the night


Candle melting low


shadows waltzing

beckoning his eyes to close


Diana up there

an invisible cloud full of demonettes & desire


awaits awaits


To slyly slip like a

secret agent

through the gateway

   of Isom’s dreams…


(Copyright Clyde Collins 2012)




The Sheriff



He sits on the bunk

heart goodly sunk

on the table a cactus chunk

& a pot of coffee


He sits in remorse

thinks about his horse

the one that died

desert fried


He’s the sheriff

the last human alive

in a ghost town called

you know what


He sits in a locked jail cell

he’s got the key

he’s most comfortable in here

a total urbanite


Oh but woe oh woe

is he & all those others who

wait for the show to begin

under the hanging tree


It’s a terrible disappointment

to oh so many in the nation

the sheriff’s name is

Isom Dart


However there is one lady

in this rocket on the launching pad

of intergalactic travel

whom it does not bother


Yes, one woman charmed by

the futility of living in

a town run amok

by a spooked sheriff


This woman who desires him

is Diana

my Diana

Diana Longtree


She’s a ghost

I’m a ghost

we’re the ghosts in this

   dusty old western movie…







(Copyright Clyde Collins 2012)


The other ghost arrives…


Nobody around

no gold found

a creaking sound

it’s a ghost town!


Diana stands next to her corpse

that hangs from the tree

it sways back n forth

how’d this come to be?


A haunted saloon over there

abandoned church down a tumble-weed street

faded-blue hotel over here

nothing but nothing for her to greet


She steps thru the wall of the hotel

the jack rabbits high-tail it as she arrives

she swoops into the hotel cafe

no service here is about all that survives


She sits at a table anyway

in her mind she orders a cup of tea

nobody serves her anything

   and then across the street she sees me…


(Copyright Clyde Collins 2012)



A Ghost Town Called Love

Entire verse narrative finished & refined!


Soundtrack to A Ghost Town Called Love:


Back In The Haunted Saloon



I strolled back to the haunted saloon

arrived floating

swung the bat-wings aside

one fell off its hinge, disintegrated

into a pile of dust as

the winged-heels of my hiking boots fluttered by

what a relief

finally floating after all these earth-bound years

“I’ll have a double” said I

to the barmaid, Mary

ahhhhhhh Mary

Holy Mary

our favorite Mary

   amen & hallelujah…


(Copyright Clyde Collins 2011)





I’m tired of whittling on the carcasses of

blind 3-eyeballed dragons with

dried-up peas rattling around inside their broken skulls…


I’m tired of finding girlfriends of yesterday

hung by the neck ’til dead & gone & gone again

from the sagging branch of the hanging tree infront of

the sherriff’s office & him hiding in

a locked jail cell all night long…


I’m tired of being told by the whistling wind that

my hair is too long & my work day is too short

& to hand it all over to a landlord who was born dead…


I’m so damn tired of walking around avoiding goons in cars

who chip at my brain with an insane

overload from television noisily sucking the juice outta their souls

& splattering this goon piss all over my reading lamp…


I’m weary so weary bleary & tossed & turned burned

& still walking ~ always walking around ~ in this

ghost town called Love

ahhh yes, this craven ghost town

this squirrelly ghost town…


(Copyright Clyde Collins 2011)


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