Butler Madness

Let me serve you gladly

I’ll polish all your glasses

Let me serve you madly

I’ll kick out all the asses

I’ll make your heavenly-muffin bed

Or I’ll leave it nice & rumpled

Which ever way you like

Spic & span or crumpled

I’ll greet guests at the door

Stay out of everybody’s way

Ask them if they want more

Pull your drapes on a sunny day

If you want to be

More or less subtler

Let me please you

As your butler!

I’ll bake you a birthday cake

Take your auntie to the lake

Messy leaves outside I’ll neatly rake

Throw your neighbors a fine & fancy fake

Your life has been too sad

I want to make you glad

I’ll never make you mad

Unless you call me “dad”

All your urgent commands

All you want & all that’s needed

All your demeaning demands

Will more or less be heeded

I won’t grumble

I’ll be humble

& help you to your feet

If ever you should stumble

If you wanna be more or less subtler

Let me please you as your butler!


Elvis Bojangles

the wayward butler


Art Copyright Anne Stokes                                       Text Copyright Clyde Collins 2016