Cloud Shadow 25


I’ve been lost in

these canyons


for a century or two


Just floating a-

round with


much to do


I’ve read all

my books

about one hundred

times each


My spelling has improved

but I’m

a numbskull now

when it comes to speech


My haunted old boat

has become


as over-cooked toast


About forty feet a-

bove the ground

it can

barely still coast


It has bumped into

the walls of

these canyons a-

bout ten million times


Once more and it will

become nothing but


butterfly rhymes


I have not grown wise

over the ages


plain numb


If you were to ask me

my name

I would

just sit and look dumb


These scrappy


canyons of nothing

but rocks and sand


Have turned me into

the desert-bleached

bones of a

silent time-weary man


A living








Deep Desert sky…


Deep Desert Blues V

by Rawclyde



Pulaski & The Deep Ravine



With a pack bigger than himself on his back

he trudged thru the night across the salt flats

the full moon was in command beautifully

   Pulaski blinked & blinked, sleep deprived, & shuffled onward…


Suddenly a deep ravine yawned before him

aghast he peered into its long dark depths

oh boy, he turned around & crawled into his bag

   slept ’til dawn broke out all over the place…


After breakfast he looked & looked all around

he strode in circles all over blank terrain

there was no ravine, just flats, distant hills

   and a brain in his head thawed out by the sun…


(Copyright Clyde Collins 2011)


Pulaski & The Great Switcherroo



Pulaski was hitch-hiking but mostly hiking

walking & walking some more, stalking the end

of another endless highway

in the parched desert of his particular dreams ~


He found someone doing the same damn thing

more or less but in the opposite direction

they met for some damn reason on the island

between lanes & the other feller fired one up ~


Oh brother oh brother let me tell you

another tall one not too accurately true

it’s fine & dandy finding ye in the middle of no-where

wind blasting, sun growing long our kinky knotty hair ~


Two lonesome wanderers of the wasteland

they departed each others company

high & happy, each heading back the way he came

their goals receding behind them in the great switcherroo…


(Copyright Clyde Collins 2011)