For Tim Duffy




from Rawclyde!


The tallest saguaro around

Saluted me in the distance

A long lost friend

Found & suddenly remembered


Little did I know or care

But I knew something was there

Something magnified in the air

That made me lay my blanket down


T’was an antenna jutting into the sky

Brought forth to me beyond why

I made a small fire & lay me-self down

Across the shadow stretching ‘cross the ground


I didn’t know you were gonna go

Before I was ready to mutter hello

I was constantly ducking funerals & good-byes

Payed no attention to tears in old folk’s eyes


I was too busy walking into the landscape

Like living breathing clay

Seeking origins & God’s reason to pray

Realizing of course I was just another stray



It was the best nap of my life

Under the stars ’til dawn without strife

The most peaceful quiet I’ve ever found

At the foot of that plant on the clean desert ground






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